Thursday, July 11, 2013

Introduction to Calisthenics

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I have heard so much about calisthenics and calisthenic workout routines but I don't know what they are...

Calisthenics are bodyweight exercises.It is the art of using your own body weight and qualities of inertia as a means to develop your physique.They originated thousands of years ago in ancient Greece and since then they have been used in athletics, military, law enforcement and in home workout's.
Calisthenic exercises can be done at the comfort of your own house,at the park or at any place that suits you the most.So doing calisthenic exercises can also save you some money from going to the gym.

Why are Calisthenics good ,and why should I do them ?

Calisthenic Workout Routines focus on high repetitions, keeping the blood pumping in your heart ( increasing your heartbeat )  and burning fat at the same time.

Calisthenics improve overall stamina, strength, energy, agility, coordination, balance, and promote overall fitness for your health.

Can improve mental health just as it does psycho-motor skills like balance and coordination. Can help treat mental problems such as stress, anxiety, depression, etc. and can boost your self-esteem.

Is it hard to start doing Calisthenic Workout Routines?

I am not going to lie in here.Starting from zero it's going to be really hard.You can start by doing easy stuff and then moving on to more advanced exercises.
It's easier to go to the gym and start lifting dumbells,you take a set of 10 kg each and you aren't able to lift  them, no problem, just drop them on the ground and take another set with a lighter weight.
If you are doing calisthenic exercises and in particular you can't do any pullups, you can't just drop your body weight and start doing them.You will start slow and patience is the main thing here.However the reward in the end it's going to be bigger.

This is my first post on this blog.If you would like to start training on calisthenic exercises, learn some nice calisthenic workout routines and get some nice nutrition info for your diet and many other things subscribe and follow this blog.

"First people will ask you WHY you are doing it...then they will ask you HOW you are doing it!"

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